Saving together with STAWAG

Dear Öchers,

in these times, people are asking them­selves many ques­tions about a secure energy supply. The media atten­tion and spec­u­la­tion about prices and supply bottle­necks have never been as present as they are today. We can assure you that we will do every­thing we can to ensure that energy continues to come reli­ably into your home. Because in addi­tion to short-term measures, we have also been successful for many years in terms of energy effi­ciency and modern heating solu­tions. We have also already achieved a lot: For example, with the expan­sion of renew­able ener­gies, which are not only an impor­tant contri­bu­tion to climate protec­tion, but also ensure greater inde­pen­dence.

Although we are doing a lot, you can do some­thing too. You can ease the burden on the envi­ron­ment and your wallet, as well as do your part to ensure secu­rity of supply. Because there are many ways to save energy in an uncom­pli­cated way and without large invest­ments. In this brochure you will find many tips and hints. Together we can over­come these diffi­cult times.

Yours, Dr Chris­tian Becker and Wilfried Ullrich

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