4 money-saving tips for the bathroom

Don’t throw your money in the water.

1. Tip – No pre-wash cycle

If you save on the pre-wash cycle, you also save on costs! For very dirty laundry, it is a good idea to pre-treat or soak it before washing.

2. Tip – Wash at 60 °C

Washing machines use about two thirds of the energy to heat the water. If you wash the boiled laundry at 60 °C instead of 90 °C, you can save the most elec­tricity.

3. Tip – Load correctly

The power consump­tion per wash cycle always remains the same. So if you want to save elec­tricity, make sure you load the washing machine correctly. For infor­ma­tion on the exact amount, refer to the manual of your washing machine.

4. Tip – Water heating

You should check your instan­ta­neous water heater if your water heating is elec­tric. You can reduce elec­tricity costs by using economy fittings or retro­fittable flow limiters. These help to save water when show­ering.

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