5 Saving tips for a sustainable holiday

Travel with a small foot­print.

1. Tip – Nearby desti­na­tions

Europe and Germany have a lot of beau­tiful places to offer where you can discover a lot. For example, if you can‘t do without the car in rural areas: Use carpooling or car sharing.

2. Tip – Little luggage

Heavy luggage makes for higher fuel consump­tion, both on the plane and when trav­el­ling by car. So it‘s best to pack only as much as you really need. Advan­tage: You have less to carry, unpack and wash!

3. Tip – Public trans­port or bicy­cles

Espe­cially on a round trip, for example by train, you get a much better impres­sion of the country and its people and can quickly make new contacts. Instead of renting a car, you can also use public trans­port or bicy­cles.

4. Tip – Air condi­tioners

Saving elec­tricity is part of sustain­able tourism! But fans and air condi­tioners in partic­ular need a lot of elec­tricity. If you cannot avoid using it, you should always switch off the air condi­tioner when leaving the room or flat.

5. Tip – Save water

In southern coun­tries, you should pay partic­ular atten­tion to low water consump­tion. This means not show­ering longer than neces­sary and not having the towels washed daily in the hotel. In this way, you reduce water consump­tion and the water pollu­tion caused by deter­gents.

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