6 tips for saving money on the way to work

How to save money, nerves and elec­tricity.

1. Tip – Car pool

Carpooling is not only good for the envi­ron­ment, but also pays off finan­cially: For a five-kilo­metre commute, you can save around 120 euros per year. For a commute of five kilo­me­tres each way, you can avoid up to 255 kg of CO2 by carpooling.

2. Tip – Unload luggage

Fuel consump­tion due to unnec­es­sary weight or air resis­tance quickly increases by several litres. If you reduce the load on your car by 50 kilos, you can save 50 litres of fuel for 15,000 km a year ‒ and avoid 120 kg of CO2!

3. Tip – Cycle to work

Three reasons:

  1. No long search for a parking space.
  2. Climate-friendly trans­port.
  3. Free fitness programme.

For a journey of 5 km, you avoid 425 kg CO2 per year.

4. Tip – Optimum tyre pres­sure

If the tyre pres­sure is 0.5 bar too low, for example, fuel consump­tion already increases by around five percent. In a year, this adds up to emis­sions of up to 140 kg CO2. This exces­sive tyre wear and unnec­es­sary fuel consump­tion causes addi­tional costs of about 90 euros per year.

5. Tip – Use car sharing

If you only need a car now and then, then car sharing is just right for you! Mostly, car sharing also uses very new cars, which usually consume less fuel. This means less money for petrol and at the same time less CO2 emis­sions.

6. Tip – Ride the train

With a carbon foot­print of 2,300 kg CO2, you can barely get from Rome to New York by plane ‒ by train, you could travel around the world. Thanks to offers, Bahn­Card and early bird discounts, rail travel can be unbeat­ably cheap.

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