6 tips for saving at the office

You can save money not only within your own four walls.

1. Tip – Foot switch

It makes sense to put unused appli­ances into stand-by mode or switch them off completely. So that you don‘t have to crawl under the desk, there are power strips with foot switches.

2. Tip – Combi­na­tion units

With a combi­na­tion device that can be shared via WLAN in the network, you can share the device with other employees. This saves space and energy because it is a printer, copier, scanner and fax all in one. Always remember to print texts in black and white mode.

3. Tip – LED lights

An LED lamp requires up to 90 % less energy than an incan­des­cent bulb. If the daylight is suffi­cient for working, you can switch off the light.

4. Tip – Moni­tors

Adjust the bright­ness of your screen to the ambient light! About 25 percent darker means about 15 % less elec­tricity ‒ and even without loss of comfort.

5. Tip – Heating energy & water

You should make sure that doors and windows in the office are closed as soon as the heating is turned on. This way, the gener­ated heat actu­ally stays in the room. Remember to turn down the heating as soon as you leave your work­place for the evening.

6. Tip – Video confer­ence

If you meet by video confer­ence, expen­sive travel to and from the meeting can be avoided. This way, almost every­thing can be discussed in a climate-neutral way in the team!

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