Economical heating

You save money if you set the heating correctly. The warmer the radi­ator, the more expen­sive the heating bill.

1. Tip – When airing – switch off the heating.

Turn off the heating when you open the window.

2. Tip – Do not dry laundry on the heater

Do not put clothes on the heater.

3. Tip – No objects in front of the heater

Do not place furni­ture close to the heater. Curtains should not hang in front of the heater.

Temper­a­ture recom­men­da­tions:

  • Bedroom: Level 2–3, 16–18 °C
  • Kitchen: Level 2–3, 18 °C
  • Bath­room: Stage 3–4, 21–24 °C (when you are in the room)
  • Living room, children’s room, study: Level 3–4, 20–21 °C

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