5 tips for saving money in the living room

Don’t throw your money out the window.

1. Tip – Energy-saving light bulbs

Even though energy-saving lamps and LEDs are more expen­sive to buy than other light sources, this is compen­sated for by their enor­mous energy savings and up to 10 times longer life.

2. Tip – Screen­saver

Set – instead of the screen saver – an auto­matic standby mode after 10-15 minutes of absence. Your PC also consumes more power with colourful, moving images.

3. Tip – Switch­able sockets

You can save unnec­es­sary costs for elec­tricity by pulling the plugs. Of course, this is more conve­nient with switch­able sockets! When the switch is flipped, the units are discon­nected from the mains.

4. Tip – Laptop

An energy-effi­cient laptop only needs a maximum of 15 watts. An energy-effi­cient PC, on the other hand, consumes around 60 watts during oper­ating time.

5. Tip – Apparent off switch

When buying a new TV, make sure that it has a power switch. Because even when you have pressed the off switch on the set, many tele­vi­sions still continue to consume elec­tricity.

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